How we started

For over 30 years, Hart De Group Int. LLC has been consistently providing efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions to valuable clients worldwide, through our vast comprehensive network of agents, associates and offices, you are assured of a completely streamlined service. We call this an “end to end” solution.

Our vision is to strategically expand our portfolio of services in the transportation and logistics industry so that we can support our valuable clients as they grow in their respective industries. It is our commitment to go beyond the expectations of what our clients need from a global logistics provider.

Our mission is to consistently be an efficient and economical freight transportation service and logistics solutions provider in the region. As we move up in the service industry, our mission is to consistently deliver value to our clients.

Partnership & Performance

Our employees, clients and service providers are encouraged to contribute to the consistent performance improvement program. (CPIP)


Hart De Group Int. LLC’s dynamic work environment and unique talent acquisition process has led to the accrual of dedicated employees from wide reaching backgrounds, pooling their talents, to deliver service excellence.


Through over 180 international agents and offices the people at Blue Bell are pulled together across all countries and divisions by one guiding principle, that is to deliver value to the client.


Having delivered challenging projects in high risk areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the Blue Bell team can perform under any circumstances.

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